Before you choose any purebred, crossbreed, or mixed breed, it’s important to know what a purebred dog really IS.

To say that your Doberman is purebred implies that you know its pedigree.   What is a pedigree? A pedigree is your Doberman’s genealogy, its family tree. The American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) keeps track of all registrations and litters for purebred dogs. If your Doberman does not come from the breeder with AKC registration papers that means that your Doberman’s genealogy is not known – and therefore your dog is not a purebred.  Please do not forget:  “AKC REGISTRATION IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE ETHICS OF THE BREEDER”.

If you are determined to own a purebred Doberman, please don’t be fooled by newspaper advertisements that offer purebred dogs that lack AKC registration papers.  If you encounter this situation, ask the breeder why the Doberman lacks papers.  Most of the time this means that the dog is not purebred.  Reasons may include:

  • One of the Dobermans in the family tree did not meet the standards for the breed and was sold as a “pet only” Doberman (refused full registration papers) by a responsible breeder.  This means that the breeder did not feel that the dog should be bred, as it would not benefit the breed standard.
  • The owner failed to register the dog.  Take note!  If the owner(s) were too busy to mail in a form, what other dog-related responsibilities did they neglect?  Doberman’s are receptive to many hereditary diseases. Responsible breeders try to eliminate many of these diseases through careful and thorough screening.
  • The owner is not in good standing with the A.K.C.  The A.K.C. can sanction a breeder for numerous reasons.  It is best to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable breeder that keeps complete and accurate records and practices responsible breeding practices.
  • The Doberman truly isn’t purebred.

Whatever the situation, a Doberman without registration papers is considered the same as a “mixed breed” in the eyes of the AKC and should not be sold for the price of a pedigreed dog.  Please keep in mind that one third of the animals that come into shelters across the US appear to be purebred.

So, before you buy a Doberman with NO PAPERS, contact your nearest Doberman rescue group!