Is nail trimming necessary? Absolutely! Our friends might call us nail fanatics, but believe us, it is very important to keep those nails short and we would like to give you a couple of reasons why.


Let’s start with injuries caused by nails that are too long. It is summer and you are going to see a litter of puppies. You are wearing a pair of shorts and the first thing the puppies do is jump on you, right? They can only reach your legs and they will likely give you some scratches which can get infected. The same can (and will) happen to your children, friends and guest.

Do you have hardwood floors? If yes, you will know right away if your dog’s nails are too long – they will make a clicking sound as the dog walks and they will cause scratches and indentations in the wood, no matter how hard it is.

You might say, ‘Well, I have to expect that if I want to own a dog.’  That’s great if you can tolerate that, but the truth is that most dogs who are turned in to rescue end up there because of damage they have done to the house.  So, let’s move on to why it can be bad for your dog.


If your dog’s nails are too long, he will not walk correctly, which is bad for the joints. Typically, he will not “tiptoe”, but instead will walk flat-footed, an action that can have a negative impact on the dog’s gate. If the dog walks flat-footed over a long period of time, he may injure his shoulders and could develop shoulder joint problems.

Further, if the dog’s nails grow too long, they will curve and can actually grow into the dog’s paw. If this happens, the dog will need an operation to repair the damage, which is not only expensive but also very painful for the dog. If the nails are allowed to grow excessively, the quick will extend so far that, following the operation, it will be exposed.

What type of flooring do you have?
If you have carpet and your dog’s nails are too long, they could get caught in the carpet loops, resulting in a rip in the carpet or, much worse, a dislocated or broken toe or leg.  In extreme cases, the dog’s toenail may be completely torn out, a very painful injury.  On hard wood floors, dogs can slip easily since they are not walking on their pads, which provide better traction. For a dog, walking on its nails is like us walking on marbles.  REMEMBER – Breaking a leg is hard for us, but is very bad for a dog.

How about stairs?
If your home has stairs, having nails that are too long can make it very difficult for the dog to climb or descend and he could trip and fall.

Do you have a deck?
Nails that are too long can get caught between the boards as the dog is running and playing.  This will hurt the dog or, even worse, cause a broken toe.

For a wonderful guide to nail trimming, please visit and click on the link “How to Dremel Dogs’ Nails.”

So please remember to trim your pet’s nails frequently!