What qualities should you look for in a breeder?

  • Someone who breeds only for the betterment of the breed and from carefully selected stock!
  • Preferably someone who breeds for themselves, NOT a commercial breeder or someone who only wants to make a quick buck!
  • Someone who only breeds from healthy, well socialized animals!
  • Someone who will only sell animals that are fit and healthy at the time of sale!
  • Someone who has all breeding stock health screened for genetic diseases specific to the breed!
  • Someone who takes a lifelong interest in all dogs they produce!
  • Someone who will take back or help to re-home any animals they have bred for whatever reason, at any time during that dog’s life!
  • Someone who is always available to offer advice to anyone who acquires one of their puppies!
  • Someone who provides ample information to puppy buyers, including diet sheets, health records, book recommendations, etc.!
  • Someone who provides a signed pedigree form and registration documents when appropriate!
  • Someone who may also provide a contract of sale!
  • Someone who provides adequate care and living quarters for dam and puppies, i.e., a warm, safe, clean area of the house!
  • Someone who has tails docked and ears cropped before selling!
  • Someone who will keep the puppies till they are at least seven weeks of age!
    (Seven weeks is a Virginia law).

How do you know if you are in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable breeder?

  • Did the “BREEDER” ask you questions about your family, your lifestyle, your home, etc?
  • Did the “BREEDER” ask you how much information you have about the kind of dog you are considering?
  • Did the “BREEDER” discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the breed with you?
  • Did the “BREEDER” seem willing or able to discuss health matters and breed-related defects?
  • Did the “BREEDER” invite you over to his/her house to meet the dogs?
  • Does the “BREEDER” have dogs who are friendly and greet you with happy, wagging tails?
  • If the “BREEDER” has puppies, are they being raised in a warm, safe, clean area of the house?
  • Is the “BREEDER” willing to refer you to people who have purchased his/her puppies in the past?
  • Does the “BREEDER” sell his/her pet puppies on a spay/neuter contract?
  • Does the “BREEDER” ask you to agree to return the puppy or adult dog to them, at any time in the future, if you are unable to keep it?
  • Does the “BREEDER” help with rescue or public education in his/her breed?

If the answers to the above questions are “Yes”, then you have found a good breeder… and a good breeder is worth finding!!!