In keeping with our dedication to further the betterment of the Doberman Pinscher, Cavalier Doberman Pinscher Club Members pledge to adhere to the following minimum practices:

  1. That I will abide by the constitution and by-laws of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and the rules of the American Kennel Club.
  1. That I will promote and encourage the good breeding, showing and training of purebred Doberman Pinschers.
  1. That I will not breed unregistered Dobermans and oppose those that do.
  1. All advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresentative, fraudulent or misleading. The Doberman standard has four (4) allowable colors: Black, Red, Blue and Fawn.
  1. Encourage the medical testing for genetic disorders and disclosure of test results.
  1. All dogs offered at stud shall not be bred prior to one (1) year of age and shall be in good health and free from communicable diseases and disqualifying genetic faults. Any bitch accepted for stud services must be at least eighteen (18) months of age, in good health, free from communicable diseases and disqualifying genetic faults.
  1. No bitch shall be bred more often than once a year, nor prior to one and one half (18 months) years of age, and should be in good health, free from communicable diseases and disqualifying genetic faults.
  1. No stud dog will be bred to any bitch whose owner is directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill, pet shop, litter lot sales or any other commercial enterprise whose business is involved in like activities.
  1. All bitches will be bred with the intentions of that particular breeding improving the breed.
  1. No puppies will be sold to commercial facilities, businesses, kennels, puppy brokers, pet shops, puppy mills or guard dog businesses nor agents thereof.
  1. We encourage the sale of puppies on limited registration.
  1. That I will keep accurate breeding records and that I will furnish to each buyer a record of all shots and worming, pedigree and AKC registration certificates.
  1. That I will refrain from knowingly selling to unethical persons, nor will I sell or aid anyone to procure a Doberman that I have reason to believe will not give proper care, or who may use the dog in such a way as to be a detriment to the breed.
  1. That I will maintain the best possible standards of health, cleanliness and care for my own dogs.
  1. That I will share knowledge and give welcome aid to newcomers to the breed. I will conduct myself at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sports of the purebred dog and Doberman Pinschers in particular.